My name is Alexandre JACQUES. I'm a 28-year old Artistic Director working out of Paris, France.

Architectural Pattern focuses on modern facades. At the boundaries between graphic design
and photography, this project invites you to take a new look at chosen facades often
considered invasive or degrading. The repetition of horizontal and vertical lines or a single pattern loses the viewer in a world where
boundaries disapear. In the middle of such a mass Man no longer seems to exist.

The purpose of the shop is to help me continue this series around the world.
All prints are made in Paris, under my close supervision. I guarantee that the product you
will receive is of the highest quality. Your print will be delivered by UPS in a protective postal tube.
Feel free to send me an email. I will be happy to answer your questions about the shop or
the project itself.
Like the Facebook page to get the lastest news from Architectural Pattern.

Thank You.


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